Global Women in Leadership

Delivered by Professor Dana Brown
Sprott School Business School
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About the program

This program is for women aspiring toward or working in senior leadership roles in their organization. Its focus is on empowerment through self-reflection, knowledge and connections. Participants will bolster their ability to navigate a rise to the top as women with increased confidence and self-awareness. Together, we will explore and critically reflect on current insights on leadership and gender in leadership, helping each participant to find her own voice to practice and promote women in leadership. Using self-reflection and coaching, we will work individually and as a group to better understand and utilize our strength, to set meaningful goals and to achieve success and well-being. 

This program will be offered in four modules, each of which will comprise 2 half-day (3-4 hour) sessions. Diverse pedagogies will be used in every module including lectures, discussions, debates, self-reflection, case studies, guest speakers, workshops and coaching. 

Who is this program for?


  • Managers with 5+ years of management experience.

  • Two or three levels from C-suite positions.

  • Looking to make a leadership transition, or at an inflection point in their careers.

  • Executives and functional managers who aspire to positions of greater influence and authority.

What you can expect from this program?

  • Bringing a Strategic Focus to Your Role: increasing your level of contribution, aligning capabilities with strategy, developing vision

  • Communicating as a Woman: gender and its impact on communication, body language, persuasive methods

  • Building Productive Relationships: becoming a trusted advisor, identifying key players in and outside of your organization, building confidence and credibility with those in your network 

  • Gender and Negotiation: creating impactful outcomes as a female negotiator, winning strategies for negotiations, achieving organizational support

Program Content

The course is highly interactive, comprising lectures, case examples, team work and deliverables enhancing the learning and retention. You will have the opportunity to apply what is being learnt in a visceral and practical way.


Using experiential, innovative, pedagogical tools; live cases - the next generation of the traditional case methodology - you will be taken through a structured journey in four modules:

Module One: Leading as a Woman and for Women

In this module, we will explore the unique challenges for female leaders and we will critically assess the terminology and assumptions that pervade mainstream discussions on the topic of women in leadership. This will include an informed debate about whether or not there are gendered ‘styles’ of leadership and how to break out of the ‘double bind’ that women face when often labeled as either too nice or too aggressive. We will also look at the role of women leaders in promoting a positive environment for women and others who are underrepresented at the top.

This module will include: a guest talk by Anuradha Das Mathur, Founder and Dean of the Vedica Scholars Program for Women and 9 to 9 Media Group in New Delhi: group discussions on reactions to two short, provocative readings; a case study on women-led businesses.  

Module Two: Becoming your Best Self as a Leader

In our second module, we will focus on ourselves. We will start with an exploration of Daniel Goleman’s six leadership styles and then we will watch and develop our own case-vignettes to explore how they are applied in practice. Goleman also popularized the concept of ‘emotional intelligence (EI)’ and pointed to distinct areas of development to help leaders improve and apply EI in their everyday leadership. We will explore the pathway to developing EI in ourselves and others. 

We will practice self-reflection and appreciative feedback using the Gallup Strengths self-evaluation tool. Kathy Harvey, Associate Dean at Said Business School, Oxford University, and another certified Gallup Strengths coach, will join me to explain the meaning and power of leading from your strengths. Kathy and I will offer all students an individual coaching session to build on insights from your Gallup report. 

Module Three: Leading for Impact and Positive Change

As women leaders, we are aspirational and purposeful and once we get to the top, we are eager to have a meaningful impact. Together in this module, we will explore the meaning of responsible leadership and we will develop and share our own plans for inspiring positive change in our organizations, communities and the world. Together, we will build a ‘tool kit’ of ideas to address misogyny and subtle discrimination in our organizations and to promote positive change. 

In this module, we will analyze a ‘podcase’ from Harvard Business Review focused on Stacy Brown-Philpot, CEO of Task Rabbit and we will invite guest speaker, Aisha bin Bashr, Director General at Smart Dubai.

Module Four: Keeping Happiness and Wellbeing in Focus

The final module will turn to the ultimate goals; happiness and wellbeing and your ideal alignment of work and life. We will read the book ‘Flourish’ by Martin Seligman and build on our exploration of strengths and our goals for purposeful leadership to explore the main ideas of the book and work through its interactive components. 

As part of our module, we will use creative mediums to visualize our individual concepts of the ‘good life,’ which includes fulfillment in our professions and purpose in our lives.


In this endeavour, we will be joined by Lucy Mullins, co-founder and COO of Step-Ladder and Professional Coach who will co-facilitate a workshop on creative approaches to visualizing success. 

Meet your professor

Dr Dana Brown is the Dean of the Sprott School of Business at Carleton University,

Prior to this, she was the Director of the MBA at Oxford University’s Said Business School (2013-2016), Professor of Strategic Management and Academic Director of the joint DBA with Sun Yat Sen University at EMLYON Business School in Lyon, France (2010-2013) and University Lecturer in International Business and Management Fellow at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford University (2005-2010). Dr. Brown has also held Visiting Professor roles at Oxford University, Instituto de Empressa Business School and the American University in Cairo. She is also an Honorary Professor at the Leicester Castle Business School at De Montfort University.

In addition to experience working in academic institutions, Dr. Brown has also worked in business and with a number of new start-ups, including in its early years. She has helped to establish a number of active learning initiatives for entrepreneurs, and has a particular interest in social entrepreneurship and its impact on local economic development. Dr. Brown is a member of the Governing Body of the Vedica Scholars Program for Women in New Delhi, India and works on educational and social enterprise development for Warm Heart Worldwide in Phrao, Thailand.


From 2007-2019, Dana worked as an adviser and member of the Selection Committee for the Alfa Fellowship Program in Russia. She was founding Board member of the Leicester Business Festival Community Interest Company.

How to apply

Places on this world leading program are strictly limited to ensure you have the opportunity to engage and interact with the professor and your fellow participants. Simply complete the online application form, submit your payment details and within moments you will receive confirmation of your acceptance on the program.

Feel free to contact us with any questions. 

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Start Date:

May 25, 2021


8 weeks:

3-4 hours per week



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$1,795 USD

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